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Photo from Kevin Black, Edenbridge Chronicle

At TVPS we understand the importance of choosing the right childcare setting for you and your children. We work in close partnership with parents and carers and believe communication is key to a child’s development.

Lots of our parents join us based on our excellent word of mouth reputation, and we are rightly proud of this! We believe this speaks volumes to the excellent level of care we provide for local families. You can read more about what our parents say about us by clicking here.


Online Learning Journal

A unique feature of TVPS is that we offer Tapestry – an online learning journal software which connects written and media based observations with assessment and next steps planning. Parents can securely log on to view immediate updates online, of their child’s learning and progress. Tapestry enables staff to track and analyse the progress of individual children and whole groups.  It facilitates effective planning on both an individual and group basis to ensure children’s learning is tailored to their individual requirements. It also greatly reduces the time staff could spend on written observations in traditional paper journals, allowing more time to spend with your child.

Meetings can be arranged at any time to discuss the child’s progress and we also invite parents in to talk to their child’s key person once these assessments have been completed. These assessments are tracked and additional support put into place as needed, or the focus of staff / provision changed to support any ideas that are identified. Where a child is two we complete a two year old development assessment with the family and record this in the child’s learning journal online.